Burnout: let’s talk about support for our managers. Coaches need coaches.

Managers need to handle competing priorities, unclear expectations, unmanageable workloads, support, suddenly handle unexpected situations and engage and inspire their teams to perform their best work, all of this under a high amount of interruptions. Moreso, managers are relied on to improve company cultures and ensure performance outcomes.

The current performance development trend to shift from ‘boss’ to ‘coach’ requires from managers to embrace a new mindset, learn, develop and practice coaching foundational skills.

Being a manager is stressful and managers are at significant risk of burnout.

I was just reading Gallup's meta-analysis research reviews that were published in 2018:

- 36% of managers do not fully believe they have the skills they need to do their best work.

(this is a lot...)

- Only 8% of performance reviews managers received inspire them to improve.

(no surprise here...)

- Yet only slightly more than one-third of managers strongly agree they have had an opportunity

at work to learn and grow in the last year.

(this is quite a sad observation...)

As a result, "Approximately two-thirds of managers are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their work and workplace." Says James Harter, Chief scientist of Workplace management and wellbeing for Gallup Workplace and author.

Managers also need to connect and be coached regularly to self-develop and stay engaged.

Real pure coaching from an independent resource for continuous support and offer a safe space for development conversations that will enable managers to take a step back and reflect, get clarity about their managing goals, reality, opportunities, expand their thinking and creativity, find solutions themselves, create accountability for their actions. In addition, develop skills with an expert to become effective coaches for their team (and not the ‘micro-managing-acceptable’ style I am currently seeing amongst too many organizations).

My hope is that one day, it will become common practice for organizations to offer continuous coaching support to their managers, not only as part of their Performance Development strategies but also as part of their Health & Wellness programs in order to prevent burnout syndromes. In turn, managers will create a positive ripple effect that will positively influence their teams in the same way.

Coaches need coaches. I have two.


How aware are you about the needs of your managers ?

What if there is more to be aware of here?

What is your strategy for making your Performance Development a success on the manager level?


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