My purpose is to make a difference in all levels of vocational rehabilitation.  Expertise, passion for human behavior and authenticity are values that drive me every day.

My vision is to champion best practices and enable vocational rehabilitation to be effective and value driven.

Vocational Rehabilitation requires leadership.  I firmly believe in leadership through valuing people, listening and leading change through meaningful conversations.  Only upon mastering those skills can you achieve not only results but true outcomes that change people’s lives.  Including yours.

Your business has implemented the most current principles of best practices, invested in employee training and mentoring hoping that it will drive the desired outcome, yet you are not reaching the results you want for your customers.


How distracted from focusing on what's most important is your team?

What is the leadership team not seeing?

Where do we need to perform at our best?

"Questions equip you to disrupt the status quo.  To effectively challenge the way things have always been done.  To explore whether the answers that have always been relied on, truly are in service of today's goals for you, your team or business."


- Aileen Gibb, Conversationalist, from her book Asking Great Questions.


Offer your oragnization, the opportunity to provide your team an effective coaching resource that will help develop the skills required to achieve the desired results for your customers. 


As an external resource, I do not represent any symbol of authority over employees and this creates a space of trusted privacy and non-judgment for expressing and addressing challenges and flaws.  This is where deeper conversation is accessed and will drive sustainable behavior change that bring significant value to performance and outcome.

Coaching is powerful as I challenge thoughts, questions

and bring your team to:

Reflect  - Explore - Create

See possibilities - Engage - Take ownership  



If you are ready to jump on the exponential curve, let's have a conversation.


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